Cooperative Alliance to again run Lewes District Council

Council Deputy Leader Christine Robinson (Labour) and Leader Zoe Nicholson (Green): the first cross-party all-women leadership of Lewes District Council

The official announcement on the shape of the new Lewes District Council following local elections came at the first Council meeting on Monday, with the Green Party and Labour Party announcing they will again be forming an Alliance to run Lewes District Council, extending arrangements which have operated successfully over the last four years, and announcing the first cross-party female leadership.

Green Party Leader and now new Council Leader Zoe Nicholson said “Residents have clearly told through the recent election results that they like our cooperative way of working, with a complete wipe out of Conservative Councillors, now down to zero having held eighteen seats.” 

“I am very much looking forward to continuing to work collaboratively with all parties. Our Co-operative Alliance will continue the ground breaking work of the previous administration with energy and commitment to all the people we serve across the District, and will have the benefit of a constructive critical friend from Liberal Democrat colleagues.”

“I am also really delighted that we are breaking the mould with the only all female leadership team in East Sussex, Christine Robinson, Labour, will join me as Deputy Leader. It’s an honour to serve alongside her, and create a new way of working. This is the first time ever that two women from two different political parties are leading Lewes District Council.”

Labour Party Councillor and new Deputy Leader Christine Robinson said: “Collaboration has been one of the hallmarks of our last four years in alliance. We’ve worked together and we’ve found new ways to support our residents though some unprecedented times. Building on this, I’m certain that we can continue to deliver for all our residents from East Saltdean to Wivelsfield and repay the trust they put in us all on May 4th.

As the largest party, the Green Party were asked to form an administration and initially negotiated a power sharing agreement which included all three parties. However this agreement hit a hurdle when Labour weren’t able to form a three way alliance. A two way alliance between Greens and the Liberal Democrat Party was then expected to then go ahead, however the Liberal Democrats then concluded that the agreed terms were no longer acceptable. The new Alliance have stated they are committed to working closely and constructively with all parties.

Councillors from the new Cooperative Alliance


For further info or to arrange an interview, contact Zoe Nicholson, Leader of Lewes District Council  and Convenor of the Green Group, tel:+447748966527

The previous Cooperative Alliance 2019-2023 was made up of Green, Liberal Democrat, Labour and Independent councillors.

After a collapse in the Conservative vote in the May local elections, from 18 seats to zero, all the council seats in the District are now held by the Green Party (17 seats), Liberal Democrats (15 seats) and Labour Party (9 seats).

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