Lewes: Greens welcome 49 sites U-turn

9 February 2016

Greens on Lewes District Council welcomed the news that the "New Homes" project - also known as the "49 sites" proposal - is likely to be cancelled.

At the same time, councillors condemned the District Council for the 'potential waste' of over £500k spent on the early stages of the proposal.

Councillor Joanna Carter said

'I am really pleased to hear that much-loved community spaces such as St Mary's Social Centre in Lewes, the Buckle Car Park and Meeching Down won't be developed and will still be available for community use.

'However, I am shocked at the potential waste of public funds developing these dead-end proposals, and will be working with the other Green councillors to make sure that the District Council learns from these mistakes.'

Councillor Tony Rowell said:

'This proposal was flawed from the start. The council spent over half a million pounds on preparing sites like Buckle car park for development, only to see the whole thing fall through when the deal turned out to be commercially unviable.
If they'd actually consulted local people properly, and listened when they were told 'no', they need not have wasted all that time and money.
We will be looking at other ways to get the homes that Lewes needs.'


(1) For more info, contact Joanna Carter on 07985 616788 or Tony Rowell on 07740 163590

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