A progressive alliance in Lewes?

22 September 2016

We had over 40 members and supporters present at last week's discussion, including new Green party Co-Leader Jonathan Bartley. We had a really positive and lively debate and started to find a bit of clarity about what an alliance of progressive parties in Lewes might look like, and got a sense of what we do and what we definitely don't want (hint: 'business as usual' was not a popular option...)

Download the meeting report - click here

We agreed on a couple of necessary next steps:

ACTION: create an online survey, to be shared with the full membership (not just those who could make it to Lewes on a Wednesday evening) to make sure we get as much input as possible on the eventual proposals or policy that we arrive at.

One of the strongest points of agreement was that input from the electorate, not just the parties, is essential. It has to be a grassroots movement, not something top-down that's imposed by local parties or national parties.

ACTION: we're making plans to conduct a non-partisan survey of what voters in Lewes constituency actually want - through a combination of online and door-to-door surveys.

Can you help spread the word about progressive parties working together?
If you're not a member or registered supporter of the Green Party, please email info@lewes.greenparty.org.uk to let us know if you can help get involved and play a part in this.

This is not a policy or initiative that's been passed down from Green Party HQ. This is a grassroots thing - local members and ordinary people building this idea from the ground up. It may be the only way to replace our deeply mediocre Tory MP with someone who speaks for the progressive-voting majority of people across the Lewes constituency.
If we don't do it, no-one else will.
Please get involved if this stuff matters to you.

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