Green Councillor speaks out against cuts, arguing they will cost taxpayers more in the long run

14 February 2019

A Lewes District Councillor has spoken out against cuts announced by East Sussex County Council, saying they will end up costing residents more money in the long run.

Last week the County Council announced cuts of more than £5 million which are likely to mean an end to meals on wheels and home care packages for vulnerable residents.

Cllr Johnny Denis, who represents the Green Party, said “These cuts are a false economy. Cuts  to meals on wheels and to home care cause misery to older people, to people with disabilities and people with with health issues. They also fail to save taxpayers’ money.”

“Keeping people well at home saves us all money because it keeps people out of hospital. A hospital bed cost upwards of £400 a day. Meals on wheels costs around £5 a day. That means two days in hospital costs the same as a whole year of meals on wheels. East Sussex Councillors know this is a poor decision yet they are pressing ahead.”

“Everyone should be able to eat one good meal a day. It’s the very bare minimum that ill or disabled people and their families should expect. I am also deeply concerned about the cuts to education including school travel, and monitoring schools to make sure our children receive the education they deserve.”

The Conservative controlled East Sussex County Council have warned there will be greater to cuts to come next year, as this year the Government provided one-off funding which is unlikely to continue.

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