Lewes District Council urged to take radical action to buy North Street Quarter

17 April 2019


Imogen Makepeace, Wendy Maples, Sian Berry and Rob Handy


Lewes District Council urged to take radical action to buy North Street Quarter 


Following last week’s planning approval of the long-awaited North Street Quarter development, local and national Green Party representatives are calling on Lewes District Council to look at buying the North Street & Phoenix Estate in order to speed up development.


Councillor Jo Carter,  says “Although I campaigned against this development, it now has permission and it could and should become a beacon of affordable housing and work space for local people. It is shocking that although much-loved community businesses have been turfed out, we still do not have a developer to take it forward. I want Lewes District Council to look seriously at buying the remaining 60% of the site they don’t already own, to develop it themselves. We have the opportunity to turn this development into the flagship for sustainable, affordable and zero carbon that our community deserves.”


Sian Berry, the Co-Leader of the Green Party England & Wales,  who was visiting Lewes at the weekend in the run-up to local elections added her voice to the calls, stating  “Councils have gained many more freedoms to raise finance, and they should be working with local

people to develop properly affordable housing solutions that put people before profit. I fully support local Green Councillors making this call.”


Imogen Makepeace, Green Party Town Councillor and election candidate had spoken our already at the planning committee meeting earlier in the week. She added   “We are already seeing the effects of climate change locally. Not only must the development help prevent climate breakdown through its carbon footprint. it must also be built to withstand the inevitable extremes in weather that the UK faces as the 21st century progresses.”




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