Lewes District Green Party trebles seats on District Council

4 May 2019

The local election results have seen a shift in power, with the Green Party becoming the largest opposition party on Lewes District Council.

The Green party trebled their number of District Councillors from three to nine, while the Liberal Democrats, who had been the largest opposition party, slipped to eight seats.

Johnny Denis, re-elected in Ouse Valley and Ringmer ward, which saw the number of Green Councillors treble from one to three with a substantial increase in vote share, said “People all over the country have sent a message that they are fed up with the major parties, and the Green Party has had its best local elections ever.  However what we saw locally we went well beyond the national increase. This was no one-off protest vote. Our councillors and members have built up phenomenal support through their hard work for our communities, and we are looking forward to doing even more of the same.”

The Council remains a hung Council with no overall control but with the Conservatives as the largest party on 19 seats.

There were also wins for the Greens in a hotly contested fight for Lewes Town Council where they took 7 seats, and in Wealden two Green District Councillors were elected for the first time.