Caroline Lucas visits Lewes battleground

16 May 2019



Green Party MP Caroline Lucas literally confronted history when she visited Lewes to congratulate Green councillors following their success at local elections, and to support the Green Party EU election campaign.

At a Green Party stall at Cliffe Bridge last Saturday, the Brighton MP was delighted to find the re-enactment of the Battle of Lewes, an important moment on England's journey to democracy, taking place just a stone's throw away.

Caroline Lucas said “It was a fantastic day - not just because of the brush with Lewes history but because I was able to congratulate the new raft of local Green Councillors on their recent success.”

“We also saw huge support for our message on the EU elections and were able to reassure people that the Green Party is the strongest choice for Remain voters in this area - we’ve had an MEP in the region for 20 years. We’re campaigning to stop Brexit, reduce inequality and tackle the climate emergency. ”

There was a large turnout of Green Party supporters and a carnival atmosphere, with several passers-by heard to joke about the parallels between the historical battle and current debates over Europe.