The Council Alliance declares Climate Emergency and commits to take action

15 July 2019

The new Alliance-run Lewes District Council today delivers its first action to cut emissions to zero by 2030. This priority motion, brought by Cooperative Alliance councillors and supported unanimously by the whole council, is a positive step towards addressing climate change. It brings the Council a step closer to ensuring warmer homes in winter, cleaner air, better public transport and better health for everyone.

Matthew Bird, Lewes Priory Ward Green Party Councillor who proposed the motion explains:“The heatwaves, droughts, floods and wildfires that have hit Europe show that worryingly climate heating is happening here and now. Every aspect of the council’s work and services will be measured, scrutinised and reported to ensure we focus on cutting emissions efficiently and prepare effectively for the changed climate”.  

Christine Brett, Liberal Democrat Councillor and committed environmentalist for Seaford South, seconded the motion: “Liberal Democrat, Green Party, Labour and Independent councillors are putting aside their own agendas to deliver a combined climate emergency motion that will truly benefit our whole community. Our declaration of a climate emergency will be followed by firm actions to cut emissions and will help prepare our community for the changed climate”

The new motion comes after the previous Conservative administration developed a climate action plan, which according to new Leader of Lewes District Council Zoe Nicholson, was wholly inadequate: “Climate breakdown is the greatest threat our community faces and it’s happening now. We only have a few years to act to avoid the worst from climate change yet the outgoing council administration and the current government are only paying lip service to it. The time for warm words is over. That’s why the Cooperative Alliance’s first action on Lewes District Council is to declare a climate emergency and commit to cutting emissions to zero in ten years.”

James MacCleary, Deputy Leader, Liberal Democrat Group Leader continues: “With the cooperation of the people and businesses of Lewes district can make this work to benefit all and the generations to come. The good news is that cutting emissions also means warmer homes in winter, cleaner air, better public transport and better health for everyone. I look forward to working with our community to make Lewes district a leader in the fight against climate breakdown.”