21 August 2019

Green Party hit out at Brexit preparedness grant Grant to local Councils

  • Johnny Denis, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Lewes, slams government Brexit preparations for local Councils

  • Funding for local Councils equivalent of 17 pence per person in Lewes District, 9p per person in Wealden and a further 10p per person across East Sussex

  • Governments own best guesstimates of no-deal scenarios, Yellowhammer, leaked this week show plans for chaos management at best. 

  • Channel ports logjam will lead to Newhaven port mayhem. 

Councils across the UK have been informed that they will receive special funding from the government to prepare for Brexit. Districts like Lewes and Wealden will receive £17,484 while the County Council is expected to receive £87,500. 

 Green Party, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Lewes, Johnny Denis has hit out at the plans, 

 “The government’s own Yellowhammer report suggests that Brexit preparedness is anything but. With utter chaos expected, local councils are expecting a grant of just 17p per person in Lewes District, 9p per person in Wealden and 10p across East Sussex to be ready for Brexit!”

 “With all local Councils already working together and actively involved in Local Resilience Forums, this promised funding doesn’t scratch the surface of local preparations. For this, local Councils will be expected to be the government’s mouthpiece. This is a mess of the government’s own making” 

 Johnny Denis, is particularly concerned about Brexit preparations at Newhaven Port. The Port is upgrading its facilities but will result in reduced parking for lorries at a time when there may well be a backlog of freight vehicles as other channel ports become blocked and 85% of lorries, according to the Yellowhammer report, will not be ready for new customs rules. 

 “Where will the Lorries go? There’s talk of hurriedly trying to find somewhere to use as an emergency lorry park and using the A27 for Operation Stack. It’s a mess and real preparations are needed to avoid chaos at the Port and on Newhaven’s roads” 

 The additional Grant comprises £20 Million, currently thought to be allocated to local government at £17484 per District Council and £87,500 to County Councils