30 August 2019

Green Councillor hits out as MP misleads Seaford on proposed new health Hub


  • Cllr Johnny Denis, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Lewes, Criticises Lewes MP’s misleading comments on Downs Health Hub as unhelpful

  • New Co-operative Alliance Council is reviewing all aspects of the proposal  

Lewes MP, Maria Caulifield, has been called out by Green Party for deliberately misleading people of Seaford. In a recent leaflet to residents, Caulfield has said that “Seaford is to get a brand new health hub” even though the proposal for a new health hub at the Downs Leisure Centre site has caused a furore amongst Seaford residents. 

The new administration at Lewes District Council; including Greens, Liberal Democrats, Labour and independents took exception to previous Tory administration plans for the new health hub which many in Seaford took as a fait accompli and agreed to look more closely at the proposals. 

Green Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Councillor Johnny Denis criticised Ms Caulfied, 

“Our MP continues to present the proposed health hub as a done deal. It is anything but.

“She is trying in her communications to take credit for something which hasn’t happened and over which she has had no involvement. Her intervention is really unhelpful and has caused much more concern among residents. 

“I became Chair of Scrutiny Committee in May and we agreed to set up a panel to look at the impacts of the plan to move to GP practices from the Centre of Seaford to the Downs Leisure Centre.  The Scrutiny Panel has started work and new Co-operative Alliance Council has commissioned further work to look at the feasibility of other sites for upgrading GP led services in the Town. It is absolutely not a done deal.”

Other comments in her recent article suggested residents would get a new 3G football pitch as part of the new development, whereas Cabinet agreed the pitch upgrade in an entirely separate decision.  

Cllr Denis has called on residents who get one of these newsletters to challenge their MP to cease delivery and to publish a correction.