30 August 2019

  • Johnny Denis, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Lewes, slams PM’s plan to suspend parliament as an ‘Attack on democracy’

  • Brexit was allegedly about taking back control  - but this action is all about taking control away from elected parliament

  • Many people will be dismayed and angered by this decision of the Prime Minister. Greens call on those who are concerned to protest peacefully.

  • Councillor Sean Macleod has written to Lewes MP asking for her to oppose the suspension.

Greens have declared that plans for the prorogation or suspension of parliament are an attack on democracy. 

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has decided to suspend parliament for an extended period than the usual time around the Queen’s Speech this October in an apparent attempt to stifle debate or scrutiny of his plans to leave the European Union without a new trade deal.

“It’s a blatant attack on our democracy” said Councillor Johnny Denis, the Green Party’s contender for the Lewes Constituency. “Some people supported the idea of leaving the European Union to have more control at a national level, yet this action takes away control from our local representatives in Parliament and hands it to a Prime Minister who is acting like a tinpot dictator. If this had happened anywhere else in the world we would be looking for UN observers to check democracy was upheld.

 “I know people on all sides of the Brexit debate are just wanting to get this over and done with but shutting down Parliament at this critical time in our history is driving a giant wedge into the heart of our parliamentary democracy” 

The attempt to shut down parliament is not going unchallenged, however, with MPs considering their options on return to parliament after the summer recess, court action taking place and protests across the country. 

In Lewes EUnity is hosting protest events joined by Greens, Labour, and Liberal Democrats. Green Councillor, Sean Macleod has written to Maria Caulfield MP ask her to condemn the Prime Minister’s action