4 September 2019

Green Party gives unanimous support for popular candidate to take Lewes Seat


  • Popular Councillor and Cabinet Member, Johnny Denis, re-selected as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Lewes - Unanimous vote at full-house AGM

  • Membership growing of local party growing fast

  • Greens polled more votes that Tories across Constituency in May’s local government Election

  • Co-operative Alliance, Leader Zoe Nicholson, Green Party controls Lewes District Council - Johnny is Cabinet Member for Community and Customers.



At their Annual General Meeting last week, Lewes Constituency Greens have re-selected popular District Councillor and successful social enterprise founder, Johnny Denis, as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Lewes to take on Conservatives in, presumed, upcoming General Election. Johnny Denis is a long standing resident of the Lewes constituency, a popular Councillor and now Cabinet lead on council front line services, his work in the local voluntary sector includes establishing much-loved organisations such as the furniture recycling service Furniture Now.

Widespread recognition for Johnny’s hard work as a local Councillor was rewarded by a landslide in his ward giving Green candidates all three seats in local elections in May. Liberal Democrats into third place in May’s local elections and Greens polled nearly 3,000 more votes than the Conservatives across the Constituency, making them well placed to defeat the Conservatives, currently represented by Maria Caulfield MP. 

Since the local elections, the Greens, as the largest opposition group, have taken control of Lewes District Council from the Conservative administration by forming a Co-operative Alliance with Liberal Democrats, Labour and Independent Councillors. Johnny has joined the Co-operative Alliance Cabinet as lead member for Customers and Community.

Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas said,

“The Green Party is the best-placed party, and Johnny the best-placed candidate, to take this seat from the Conservatives who are intent on driving this country over a Brexit cliff-edge, while ignoring the growing climate emergency and effects of austerity on people across the Constituency.”

Councillor Denis told members, “Thank you for your solid support in re-selecting me and for the support we have built for a different kind of politics. We are so much more than just a Remain Party. We will put tackling climate change as priority number one while supporting communities and rebuilding properly funded public services. The people of Lewes are looking for a progressive candidate who can win! Together we can make that happen”