19 October 2019

East Sussex County Council declare a climate emergency but vote to continue investing in the fossil fuel industry through its pension funds. 

Last Tuesday, East Sussex County Council declared a climate emergency and agreed to become carbon neutral by 2050. Labour and Conservatives voted against a motion brought forward the date to 2030. 

Green District Councillors and campaigners from across the county describe East Sussex County Councillors as "out of touch and it needs radical change"

Earlier, Councillors had defeated two amendments asking for divestment of pension investments from fossil fuel industries following a petition organised by East Sussex Green Parties. Julia Hilton, who introduced the petition was "hugely disappointed" but vowed to continue to campaign. The council clearly contradicted itself by continuing its investment in fossil fuels and declaring a climate emergency. 

Green Parliamentary Candidate  and Lewes District Councillor, Johnny Denis, who joined in the protest march said, 

"It's great that East Sussex County Council has declared a Climate Emergency but if your house is on fire you don't say "oh dear, let's call the fire brigade in 30 year's time", you take action now! The Council needs to take action right now, and that includes halting investments of hard-earned pensions in the very industries which are leading to environmental collapse"

Green Councillor Sean Macleod, said, "One thing that can be learnt from today is that our County Council isn’t green it's not thinking about our future. Sadly we have too many county councillors who are stuck back in our industrial past that created the mess that future generations will have to clean up!"