Green councillor vows to defend community

13 December 2019

  • Popular councillor and Cabinet Member on Lewes District Council Johnny Denis,  Parliamentary Candidate for Lewes, congratulates Maria Caulfield MP on keeping her seat

  • Johnny warns that Greens will continue to ‘keep Maria honest’ and ‘make sure she does what she says she will do’

Johnny Denis, District Councillor and Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party congratulated Maria Caulfield on her third win in 4 years, while expressing deep concerns about the Conservatives’ plans for the country.

Johnny said, ‘Of course I’m deeply disappointed that our electoral system has let us down so badly. The Green campaign focussed on those who feel ignored by politicians, and many of them told me they feel like giving up on politics altogether.

‘What’s needed in our communities is a proper conversation about, and action on, the slashing of public services over the last 10 years, that has led to people feeling like they don’t matter. Our political system is so broken, this should have been the climate election and instead, we have got more of ‘business as usual’. Thousands of people have been locked out of having their voice heard. We will continue to campaign to ensure that these are issues are heard in the coming months.

‘It will be a difficult time, as the Conservatives are hell-bent on a no-deal Brexit, and are pushing policies that will make for an even bigger gap between rich and poor. We will continue to work with our Lib Dem, Labour and Independent colleagues on the District Council to try and fend off the worst of what is possibly to come. We will be watching our MP  very closely at every turn and fighting for our community, our children’s future, taking action on addressing the climate crisis.

On the unsuccessful Liberal Democrat campaign, Johnny said, ‘The LibDems threw everything they had at this campaign but still fell short.

‘On the doorstep, I heard voters unhappy with their ‘revoke-Brexit’ stance. Many people told me they found it undemocratic; often these were the same people whose number one complaint is that politicians don’t listen to them. 

Johnny adds; “Many Green supporters who lent their vote to the Lib Dem campaign will be disappointed today and may blame other voters for not voting tactically. The results show that we can’t blame each other or other parties we have to fight hard for electoral reform so that every voice is heard”.