Ringmer Road Repair Misery

22 October 2021

Ringmer residents road repairs

Green Councillors are continuing to follow up on road repair issues on behalf of individual Ringmer area residents but are also demanding that the County Council start considering noise, vibration and the impact on residents when they make decisions about how to prioritise repairs. They are also promoting a campaign to have 20mph as the default in residential areas, which they say would help to reduce some of the impact of traffic on local residents.

Johnny Denis says: "When these roads were built they were simply not designed to take buses. There is a regular series of dips in the road meaning that large vehicles like buses and HGVs create a huge amount of noise and vibration."

Emily O’Brien, Green Party District Councillor, added: "We have been talking to residents about noise and vibration – not just in Ballards Drive but in many areas of Ringmer - including Church Hill and the Lewes Road and they are at the end of their tether, with some of them feeling they have to move out before their mental health is further affected. Every time we report an issue someone comes and measures the depth of the pothole, but it’s not the depth that is the problem - some of these dips are quite shallow but cause a huge amount of noise. Local roads should not make local peoples' lives a misery."

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