Your Green District Council Members

  Johnny Denis

'I have lived in the Lewes District for 30 years, 7 years of which I have been in Glynde, with my wife and 2 kids, who go to the local school. I served as a parish councillor for Glynde and Beddingham and Ringmer for several years. I have 25 years of experience of making things happen in our community, including founding Furniture Now!, Lewes farmers market, and many other community led initiatives.'



Johnny Denis is also a parish councillor in Ringmer, and in Glynde & Beddingham.

  Tony Rowell 

'Activism and pressure groups have a vital role to play in democratising society but we also need councillors with enough influence to champion progressive policies that are fair and consider the environment.

'The UK has become more unequal over the past 30 years due to the major parties embracing neo-liberalism and individualism. I will articulate an alternative message in council and beyond which challenges the status quo and provides a voice that promotes the ‘common good’ which means a more equal, just, tolerant, and fair society for the future.'


Tony Rowell is also a Town councillor for Priory ward.


  Joanna Carter

'As a professional conservationist the Green Party is my natural philosophical home; the focus on protecting our environment is key to a sustainable future for Lewes. In addition, the Green's anti-austerity stance and democratic structure make them the only party that truly represents the social justice I believe in, and that Lewes and its district needs.

'Prior to my present role working on National Nature Reserves, I worked in the jungles of southern Nepal on a rhino conservation project. I've also worked as a teacher in Brighton and Barcelona, and in public sector administration. I studied a science BSc at University College London, and a social science MA at Sussex.

I grew up in Lewes, and came back because I love what Lewes district has to offer in its beautiful environment, dynamic cultural life, history and community, and am honoured to represent people in my home town locally at council.'