2023 local council elections

We are delighted to announce a full slate of candidates standing for election (and re-election) at the May 4th Local Elections

Some of our hard working May 2023 election candidates

In the May 2023 local elections we want to build on the success of the current administration where Greens have already achieved so much across Lewes District:

  • Cost-of-living support with 100% Council Tax Reduction to those most in need
  • The First council in UK to expect water companies to be transparent on the effects of development on sewage discharge
  • The first council in England to adopt ‘Rights of Rivers’
  • Action on speed and road safety including HGV traffic from construction
  • Action on pesticide use, to help rebuild our bee and and other pollinator populations
  • UK-leading programme to insulate & decarbonise council housing
  • Built hundreds of new council houses
  • New guidance in planning on biodiversity net gain, circular economy and the introduction of a sustainability checklist
  • Successful campaign against drastic cuts in the Fire Service
  • Transparency e.g. shared info about landowner wishes including Eton College Development instead of assessment behind closed doors
  • Campaigned nationally on climate, on nature and on fixing our broken planning system
  • Green councillors spoke at hundreds planning committees, residents groups and town and parish councils, and responded to thousands of emails and phone calls from residents, providing a vital ‘bridge’ to council services

Read more about our priorities and our candidates for the May 2023 local elections


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